Dilsa Bailey Keeps Us Up At Night…

Dilsa Bailey Keeps Us Up At Night…or at least her books do!


In her debut series entitled The Sperling Chronicle’s this Atlanta Native is bringing sleepless night’s into the homes of many. Sleepless not due to insomnia but to compelling storyline and character’s that bring their own brand of suspense, romance and drama to the written word.

Originally born in South Carolina, Dilsa has called Atlanta home for the last 14 years and set herself on the independent publishing map in 2009 with ‘Dreams Thrown Away’, followed by ‘Split Images’ in 2011. When asked about a third novel Dilsa proclaimed that one is in the works, once she has time to sit down. Dilsa has been spending the last four years traveling around the country for book reading’s and promotional event’s. The next three pages are a sample excerpt from her first book, ‘Dreams Thrown Away’, please enjoy.

Dreams Thrown Away


SETTING: It’s 1978 and a young girl, only days away from her high school graduation, is having a really bad day. At first, a shopping trip with her friend ends on a very disturbing note. Then after arriving home in the calm quiet of a spring afternoon, Kalina’s life takes a turn no one ever could have predicted. It was one of those life-changing experiences that would haunt her forever.
Mandy was pressing down on the gas pedal again as she spoke. “I knew you wasn’t going to understand. I listen to you talk about everybody like we all such ignorant hicks, because we are from a little town down south. People who look up to you and care about you…but you are always talking down about them. You always laughing at Ms. Rosemarie’s turned over shoes and Mr. Parker’s chewed up cane. Don’t you know they think the world of you?

“All you see is southern hicks, somebody to make fun of. Hell, you probably won’t even speak to me once you get your northern education. You already said you was never coming back, except to visit. Those words hurt the most. I was going to ask you to be my baby’s godmother, but what good is a godmother who isn’t there?

“You think you know everything. You don’t know shit. That’s why I didn’t tell you nothing. You would have started looking down your nose at me a lot sooner.” Mandy was crying again.

“It must be that hormone thing they talk about with pregnant women. You are really acting crazy,” Kalina said, glad to see her gravel-covered driveway up the road. The Volkswagen skidded onto the gravel and stopped.

“Get out of my car,” Mandy yelled. “Take your damn things and get out my car!”

“I hope you clean up your mouth when the baby comes,” said Kalina. Her hands were shaking as she reached for the door handle. “I really hope it works out for you, Mandy. But, I hope you realize you are smart enough to go to college.” Kalina hurriedly removed her bags from the backseat and stood by the car.

“I hope you don’t marry that jerk, either!” Kalina yelled and then ran up her driveway, hoping Mandy wouldn’t mow her down for calling Rudy a jerk. Then she had a vivid, ugly picture of the two of them without clothes having sex. She shook her head, tossing the image out of it. Why in the world, she wanted to scream, would Mandy have sex with Rudy? He was so ugly. And why didn’t she tell her about it? She had thought they shared everything. Kalina watched fearfully as Mandy backed into the highway without looking and took off. “God, please let her get home safely.”
Kalina watched the VW Bug disappear down the highway. She went back to the edge of the driveway and picked up the bags she had dropped while she was yelling at Mandy. Her feet scraped against the speckled granite rocks as she walked up the hill toward the garage. Noticing her father’s car was home; she started to go inside, but thought it was too nice outside. She dropped her packages on the garage doorstep to the kitchen and went to the swing set that sat invitingly next to the apple trees. She sat down and started swinging slowly in the warm spring air. She was going to miss that swing, but not all these people she thought. She couldn’t wait to get away from Roebuck, South Carolina. The only person she was going to miss was her father and, maybe, her mother.

Kalina began to shift in the swing when she heard a loud, booming sound. She jumped and looked around frantically. “Was that a gunshot?” She asked herself. She stood up still looking around. She couldn’t remember if her father had mentioned it was hunting season or not.

During hunting season, she always stayed close to the house. There were so many woods surrounding them with so many poor hunted animals. She heard her heart pumping. She didn’t want to become one of those annual hunting mistakes. She thought about the rednecks on television saying, “I thoughts its was a deer,” and she grinned. Her father and mother would correct her right away for the racial stereotype as well as the bad grammar. Neither would make a difference though, if she were the latest victim mistaken for a deer.

Kalina sprinted across the grass and gravel toward the garage. First, she ran past the Lincoln with its trunk standing open. She thought her father must have forgotten that he had left it that way, so she went back to close it. As she shut it, it made a loud noise—or did it? She jumped again and ran to the door leading to the kitchen. Something was wrong.

Kalina’s skin was crawling with fear. She pushed the kitchen door open and heard another loud boom. She froze. The noise was coming from inside her house. Her hand held the doorknob tightly as her mind raced madly. What was going on and what she was supposed to do? The kitchen was empty and neat as always. Her mother would never allow a dish or a glass to sit dirty and unwashed, not even for a second. Everything was in its proper place. Everything looked normal. The white metal chairs with the yellow cushioned seats were in their proper places. The salt and pepper shakers sparkled in the afternoon sunlight that crept past the bright yellow kitchen curtains.

“No!” She heard her mother scream. “No, Preach! No!”

Kalina let go of the doorknob and ran through the small, cramped living room. She had always complained that the furniture was far too big for that room. She bumped her knee squeezing past the coffee table and the console television set her father had just bought. Then she heard another piercing scream.

Kalina’s feet hit the bottom stair, and she stood still as she heard her mother pleading. Then Kalina moved up the stairs toward her mother’s voice as silently as she could.

“I did it for you and for her!” Charlotte’s voice choked with tears and dread about the money in the drawer she had just earned. “I did it for you. Preach, listen to me. He paid me. Put the gun down, Preach. Please, Preach! Put the gun down!

“Let me explain!”

“Once a whore, always a whore. That’s what Momma told me when I brought you down here. She said you would make me rue the day I laid eyes on you! And, I told her she was wrong. I told her how I couldn’t live without you and how you couldn’t live without me.”

Kalina heard him clearly. Her parents’ bedroom door was open. Less than ten feet away, she stood stock-still and listened.

“Preach, Preach. Come on, Preach.

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Mirrors Tell No Lies Ashton Taylor Sperling looks in the mirror and wonders what has happened to his wonderful, happy life. But, mirrors never lie: he is what happened to it. As hard as he tried, letting go of the past was never an option. Consumed by vengeance, he triggers a series of events that will change the lives of his perfect family forever. The only thing left for him to do now is to settle the score, finally, and then live with the consequences — or die. This dark and sensual suspense novel is the roller coaster ride follow-up in the series entitled The Sperling Chronicles. The Sperling Chronicles: Dreams Thrown Away was the first novel in this fast paced drama.






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