Waves on my mind

Even as I write this, the feelings and emotions are more than words can describe…

The warmth between my toes, it tickles and feels comforting that fine grain sand. Sometimes it feels dry and cool or damp warm and silky. Then there is the sound of the ocean waves, it excites me but soothes me too. I feel it’s pulling at me then depositing me back on the beach.

In the early morning light, enjoying it all, the hair on my arm stands up and tingles me all over.

The feeling of happiness, excitement, sadness too, pours over me until my tears fall into the puddles of water that eventually go out to sea. I feel apart of the Ocean, the Lakes the River and Streams. I feel like a part of something bigger and I take comfort in that. The person you think of while sitting or standing looking out at the vast Ocean, that person for me is usually Spiritual in nature. It’s where the Sky touches the Sea. I feel my true direction is revealed as I breathe in the salt water, take in the majestic view, I’ve become one with the Universe…


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