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Chef Chat - A Wine Review with Matt Robinson

For those who loved travelling with Miles and Jack in Sideways (a special anniversary edition of which is on the way), author Rex Pickett has returned to take our favorite wine snobs in a new direction.

In the recent reprinting of the sequel Vertical, the dynamic duo takes on the Oregon Trail. But instead of dying of consumption, they consume some of the best Pinots in the Pacific Valley.

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This new sequel has all the self-effacing humor and sly sipping notes of the original and reveals as much about the characters as it does about the wines. As many people saw themselves in Miles and/or Jack in their earlier adventure, the self-discovery is as poignant and pointed as the discovery of new favorite varietals and the story opens up and breathes like any fine wine should.

Needless to say, it is a great book to read with a glass nearby.

So even if the idea of merlot makes you shout expletives, you are sure to find Vertical a refreshing and revealing read that satisfies from the cork to the dregs and leaves you thirsty for more.

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