Truro Vineyards is Blowing Up!

By. Matt Robinson

Despite all the wine I review, I have to admit that sometimes I just grab whatever bottle looks prettiest.

So how happy am I to find such a great wine in such an amazing bottle as the Lighthouse Wine series from Truro Vineyards?

As they are a Cape Cod-based winery, it may not be a surprise to find that one of their most popular varietals includes juice from fresh Cape cranberries. As impressive as the fresh and refreshing flavor is, however, the beautiful bottle is a treat in itself!

While a tour of the vineyards is a great addition to any Cape vacation, Truro’s wine can be found at Boston Public Market and many other well-stocked and locally-minded retailers, or on their website.

So the next time you get lost in the wine aisle, look for the lighthouse. It will show you the way to a great wine!


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