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Reminiscent of Paramount’s Rockstar Producers; the late Don Simpson and the rainmaker Jerry Bruckheimer, John Strawn and Tim Stabers bring action, talent and larger than life filmmaking to the silver screen once again.

Producer (Strawn) and Filmmaker (Stabers) recently released DREAM OF ME, which portrays the journey of Albus Corona; a new age soldier with figments of an old-world sensibility, as he makes his best effort to survive what is left of the world he once knew. Stabers, originally from New Hampshire, started his career in filmmaking in Los Angeles after a successful departure from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. “Dream of Me is about making the best of what you have and staying positive in the face of overwhelming obstacles”, stated Tim in a telephone interview with the reporter.

Dream of Me is set in a post-apocalyptic world not revealed completely until past the half way point in the film.


Now, before you pass on Dream of Me as another futile attempt at Science Fiction cinema know this, it is everything but. From the gripping changes of the camera angle to the paradox of familiar yet unusual sounds of the creature, the lead – Albus Corona, is trying to escape from you will grip your arm chair and keep your eyes focused on the screen for every second. If there is one word to describe DOM in its entirety is GRIPPING, every frame takes you through a maze of emotions.

For example, the nostalgic dream of Albus Corona and Wendy (the stunning Darby Gaëlle) lying on the beach in what appears to be pre-war 1950’s, then we are taken back to present day Albus running from aliens. The question remains;

What present day is this?

We sat down with Executive Producer John Strawn to explain how he felt DOM is represented in this day and age, “Dream of Me is a pure representation of the quality Blockbuster film-making that has faded into history, until now. With all the technology available to independent filmmakers one might think that we would be in an age of great product pouring out, unfortunately not. With the introduction of short-form content young filmmakers have lost touch with what NARRATIVE means. Tim’s style embodies the emotional narrative of a Spielberg film with the captivating action of Christopher Nolan.” John is the Founder and Executive Producer of Common Era Motion Pictures in Dallas, Texas.

All in all, Dream of Me is getting 4 Stars and 2 thumbs up for story originality, accurate cinematography that pairs well with the narrative and visual effects that match VFX for a fraction of the budget.
You can stream Dream of Me at and for a limited time set our ticket price. John and Tim will release DOM VOD on all streaming channels once distribution costs have been met through online streaming.


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