The Mind of Child

Reflections on Life - L.A. Black

For Kids….
Everything Is New
Everything Is A Learning Experience
Everyone Is A Possible Friend
You Think Positively
You Can Be Anything
The World is full of possibilities 
You Do Things “Just Because”
Your imagination is limitless 
You don’t care what other people think

Kids are fascinated by everything because it’s all new to them.
Adults. Try to feel like each day is a clean slate and anything can happen!
Children are interested in learning as much as they can. How many times have you heard a child ask “why?” over and over and over again?

Adults. Don’t take no for an answer because we know there’s a satisfying answer behind it. How often do you stop reading or researching something once you find your answer, instead of trying to find the whole story behind it?

Children are always open to meeting new people. They want to smile and make friends.

Adults…Try to embrace this mindset when you’re running errands, meeting friends of friends, being introduced to a new coworker, and more.

Because so many experiences are new to children, they automatically have a positive attitude towards things.
Adults…How easy would it be to start thinking of mundane tasks in your life as an adventure? Make things a game so you’re not wasting time and energy moping around. Think positively and be excited about the possibilities!

What do you want to be when you grow up? How many times did you hear this as a kid… how many different answers did you have each time?

Adults…Too often we pick career paths because we think we should, not because we have the passion. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to what seems right or practical when we can think like a child and do what we really want.

This goes hand in hand with thinking you can be anything when you grow up.

Adults…Don’t limit yourself to certain things because of who you think you are, or how you think your job or family define you. If you’ve always wanted to be an artist, take a painting class and give it a try! If you want to write a novel, tackle the first chapter in your free time and find a writing support group. The fact is, the world is full of possibilities for everyone, not just children who haven’t really lived yet.

When’s the last time you sat outside in the sun and just let your mind wander? Or played on a swing set, or went down a slide? You don’t have to play to let things go, but too often adults think we always need to be doing something.

Adults…It’s great to make good use of your time, but you don’t always have to be doing something. Why not take time out to enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, sitting outside with friends or family? Your tasks will still be there when you’re ready to get to them.

As you age, you learn more facts, experience more of life, and learn what is logical and possible. It’s necessary to be a functioning adult, but unfortunately, it also cramps your imagination. It’s harder to picture yourself escaping work on a rainbow-colored unicorn (unless you’re on something amazing) because you know it’s just not possible. Kids don’t have this problem. Kids’ imaginations are limitless. They don’t care what’s real and what could happen because they want it to, so in their mind, they can be & do anything.

Adults...Once your imagination can roam more freely, use it to tackle home and work tasks and see how innovative your presentations will be now.

Let’s be honest – this is the best part of being a kid, isn’t it? Getting dressed in a polka dot shirt and striped pants because that’s what you want to wear, and strutting your stuff in public, just proud that you dressed.

Adults…Do things you want to do without worrying what others will think – because, honestly, you never know what other people are thinking. Maybe everyone loves your stripes and polka dots!

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