The Kayla Ann Fox Story


Kayla Anne Fox is a name that people better get used to. Her talent and knowledge combined with beauty and grace are a unique combination that will likely lead to her success. Focused, driven, and determined, Fox is making the leap from the world of modeling to the chaotic realm of the music industry. Fox faces this transition, a daunting task for most, head-on, sticking to her personal mantra, “Go hard, or go home.” This young woman is poised to be very successful in her endeavors, and I can’t wait to see what she is going to contribute to the world of music. I had the privilege of sitting down with Fox and getting the inside scoop about her goals, aspirations, and plans for the future. I was also able to learn about where she has been and where she is going.

Fox was born in California, but her stay on the West Coast was short. As a child, Fox and her sisters found themselves leaving the United States for the Netherlands, her father’s home country. When Fox was only two, the castle in Belgium where her family was living caught fire, and all that was left after the blaze was Fox and her sister in their crib, a painting of Jesus hanging behind them on the charred wall. This event gave Fox the belief that she was here for a reason. Additionally, Fox told me that, since she was a child, she’s had very vivid dreams, almost like visions, that have provided her with a sense of direction in her life. Above all, she believes that her ultimate purpose is to get her music and message out for the entire world to hear.

To understand Kayla Anne Fox, one has to understand the woman behind the glamour. Her grace and striking beauty are just superficial traits, the most beautiful parts of her lying within. It’s rare to be so outwardly gorgeous and talented while being so completely humble— it’s almost unthinkable. She approaches her work like all things, with love, passion and confidence. Having become friends with her over the years, I am able to say that Fox, unlike many people in the entertainment industry, is in it to contribute to the greater good of all people. She substitutes the desire for peace, love, and harmony for the more typical motivations of money, power, and glory most people aspire to in her line of work. When talking to Fox, her kind and genuine nature are quickly recognizable, and it is not at all difficult to believe that she gets joy herself from bringing it to others. She is special in many ways, and is much different from most in the pack.

Fox is certainly a change from the young women we typically see in both the modeling and music industries. She keeps her eyes on the prize, so to speak, and faces challenges head-on, refusing to give-in to to feelings of intimidation or insecurity. She is focused heavily on the creation of good, meaningful art, and does not rely on her striking appearance to be her most defining trait. Rather, her dedication to mankind, hard work, and art are what she chooses to let define her as a person. Fox will be a force to be reckoned with, artistically, and I can’t wait to she what she will contribute to the world of music.

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