Farmer Willie’s Brew is SUPERB!!

I was recently at Kane’s Donuts (as I often am) and discovered a great new ginger beer that was born in a kitchen on Cape Cod 15 bottles at a time but that can now be enjoyed all over the area (by people over 21, that is)!

Farmer Willie’s uses more real ginger than most other drinks of its kind (300 pounds per batch, to be exact). Not only does this impart more ginger flavor it also means that they use about ¼ the sugar. It is also gluten-free! This past fall, they even added a new variety to the lineup that is made with over two tons of ginger and a touch of Cayenne pepper in each batch. Their website even offers a recipe book that includes an international set of Mules and more!

So the next time you need something refreshing and a bit sharp, Grab a Willie (their slogan- not mine)!

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