Today we will be revisiting one of my favorite artists, Scottie Armonie. If I ever made it as an artist in this industry, she’d be the first person I’d cosign. I’m just a massive fan of this girl.

Her recent single, “I Did It” caught my attention, and I decided it would be a good time to revisit this artist on the rise, as her latest release shows such growth and such new unbound confidence I just had to write about it.

As I said, her confidence in this track is at an all-time high making this song all the more exciting. Scottie sounds like a female DMX, mixed with a little Ludacris, as she powers through vocal runs and chants with a choral effect in place that makes me feel like thrashing along to her words. This uptempo track brings me back to the days when music made you feel something. That’s not to say this beat is a throwback, or that she herself is one, but rather, that the vibe takes you back to the days when DMX would come on, and you and all your friends would chant along with them and feel the incredible sense of communion and empowerment that experience would bring. The “Where my dogs at?” refrain at the end is particularly exciting.

Vocally speaking, Scottie is in a class all her own. There are some inflections that she does that remind me a little tiny bit of Nicki Minaj, but to compare her to Nicki would be an insult to her craft and her style. There are some parts that remind me of Tu Pac, who she studied and loved growing up. I can see Pac liking her as an artist. There’s some Luda in the flows, and some DMX in the intensity. This is the best of the 90’s packaged for the modern day listener without a hint of something old holding it back. Scottie is a true powerhouse when she’s on the mic. She flows irreverently and brings this kind of intensity and exuberance that no girl has brought before her. A little like Missy, but she even outplays her, in my opinion.

Scottie’s exuberance and energy is something the game desperately needs from a girl. As a rapper myself, I’ve noticed even I have toned down my intensity over the years, after lots of push back from A&R over it. But Scottie is doing something right with her intensity, which sounds both natural and completely necessary. I don’t feel like she’s yelling at me, but rather with me, which is something a lot of vocally-intense artists get wrong.



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