Pickling Rules the East Coast with Pride

As you know, Guys, I loves me some pickles and, as I have gotten deeper into the food scene, I have also come to love independent farmers.

So what a great marriage it has been to find amazing pickles and fermented treats made by a worker co-operative that supports independent and small family farms. Inspired by the history and health benefits of pickling, this five-year-old co-op that was recently named a 2017 Sustainable Business of the Year offers just what their name implies- real organic produce that is pickled using time-tested traditions. In addition to traditional pickles, they also pickled carrots, beets, and other deliciously healthy veggies, as well as krauts and kimchees, hot sauces, and a traditional Ukranian beet kvass that is hard to beat.

So whether you like pickles, organic farmers, or both, Real Pickles has something in storage for you.


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