Raise your Foodie IQ with IQ Bar

I love talking about food, especially with you, Jordan, but as an entrepreneur myself, another of my other favorite topics to talk (and write) about is entrepreneurs. That is why I am so excited about (and frankly thankful for) local disruptor Will Nitze, who devised a snack bar that not only gives you energy, but that actually helps your brain chemistry as well!

While working too hard on a degree in psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, Will began to run out of energy from all his studying and such and wanted something better than energy drinks and pizza. Using his own research, Will came up with IQ Bars, each of which is made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients that are not only packed with energy-producing nutrients but also with elements proven to encourage more efficient and effective brain function. They may not make you Einstein, but they taste good in any case, so what do you have to lose (other than caffeine jitters and belly fat)?


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