Night on the Ponderosa

By L.A. Black

Okay well I felt enticed and excited about going out on a Friday night to music venue in Fort Worth.
I basically went there to listen to a band that many seemed excited about and to see one guy in the band that I seem to be creating a friendship with name Ryan. Okay, let me be honest I have the desire for this man to kiss me and fuck me and just get downright crazy wild with me…

So the doors open at 7 p.m. and of course there I was, probably the most sparse amount of people in a music venue that I’ve seen thus far but it was very early.

Well I got there early which I normally do I usually get everywhere at least an hour early and I’m sort of glad because I found out about the parking. Thanks to some of the young adults that were going to the theater told me I definitely needed to move my car or it would under no uncertain terms be towed.

When I did actually get to this venue I was pretty much greeted by a very very young set of girls and they were not intimidated by me and I was not intimidated by them so we sat there talked and giggled like we’ve known each other for a long period of time. There was one young gentleman there and as we got to talking and through the evening he pretty much referred to me as a mother figure since his mother is basically the same age. I wasn’t sure if I should be flattered or a little disappointed but actually, in the end, I was flattered. He gave me such a loving compassionate hug, we almost melted into each other & I’m not sure who needed that more but I do believe it was the both of us.

As the evening progressed and more patronage arrived I began a conversation with the Manager a very nice gentleman and I can’t remember his name which is ridiculous, but he was very, very good looking and very attentive. I got the privilege of getting a little tour of the whole building which has a history that I knew nothing about of however I was about to get my briefing. It was built back in the 1950’s.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the other parts of this venue as there is a massive theater and there’s also another bar that looks more like it was dated from the early 1900’s.

So back into the music venue with this gentleman as my guide & we continue to chat & I told him that I love writing. He thought that was great and wanted to know what I wrote about. I was vague & we continued our conversation for a while longer.

The band showed up and Ryan came walking across the room to greet me and we sat and chatted for a while. He is a very talented keyboardist on so many levels you would have to hear him to really understand what I’m talking about. I was surprised to find out even though he has been in the music scene for years he’s actually a very shy kind of man. I would never have thought of a person in a band being shy. I suppose it’s because of all the attention that they get all the time when they’re playing & I assumed the exact opposite. Once again I wanted him to devour me with his sexiness, his manhood, geez I wanted to please him… Let’s face it women have a tendency to gravitate towards musicians. I’m not sure if I’m one of those women but I do appreciate good music & I do appreciate talent and the artistic ability that they possess.

We chatted on and off through the night once again he is very shy & I felt like I needed to start the conversation which actually turned me on. In the meantime, I felt like I was being very flirtatious with the Manager and probably kept over tipping him for my bottled water all evening long..what is wrong with me wanting two men, perhaps at the same time together. I can tell you he greatly appreciated it because the venue did not get the patronage that you might think they would since they had four different bands playing that evening. Once again the venue has been recently renovated and reopened.

I’m embarrassed to say but I’m not really sure what the genre of the first band that played was and the second band was Heavy Metal I can tell you because I’m sure my heart skipped a few beats as the base pulsated through the wooden floors of the venue. And then before I knew it the air in that whole venue was that of fog or haziness and it was so bad that between not being able to hear anymore I wasn’t even able to see across the room. Maybe that’s the norm because I am not a regular at music venues, but I felt like they poured it on a little too heavy for the size of that place. Now we finally got to the third band, Night on the Ponderosa, which I originally came to see and was anxious, to say the least. Being that this was the first time I actually have heard them play and I was truly blown away. They were more like a heavy rock metal group, at least that’s how I heard them. I was wiggling my ass the whole time they played their set..this got me hornier…now I was ready.
I actually became very excited, I enjoyed myself intensely. Ryan actually turned me on to listening to him play, I got more than just a hint to what the girls are attracted to….

By the end of their set honestly, I couldn’t see, breathe or much less hear my own voice so I stepped outside to get some fresh air. Something I should have done much earlier in the evening but at least I was out there now talking to one of the bouncers at the venue a very nice gentleman, nice my ass, he was Hot too. I went back inside and chatted with Ryan once more and pretty much said I’m not staying for the last band of the evening I think I’ll head home… I don’t know for sure who was more disappointed about my leaving Ryan or the Manager because once again I seem to have more eye contact with the Manager, but to be realistic he was little too young for me. I was still hoping one of them would drag me off to that unused bar in the other part of the venue, which happens to have a leather covered bench that would have been the perfect place to have get it on.. But a woman can fantasize too, which is what I did…giggling

I can certainly feel the consequences of being in this venue because besides being deaf for a while, my sinuses were in a state of total congestion. Between the Fog machine the cigarette vapor, and incense which all filled the air the four hours I was there, It took at least one full day to recoup. I can giggle now because in retrospect I would do it again. I heard some really good music, made new fast friends, got to see the insides of this majestic venue and most important, I stepped outside my comfort zone. Something I plan on doing much more often…cha cha cha

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