My Lost Lover – A 4 Part Short Story

Welcome to a story that close to my heart. Follow it each day as a new path is revealed, it is bound to titillate the senses and leave you begging for more.

On this journey of self-discovery, I didn’t realize all the aspects that would encompass..some more comforting than others, and some more surprising than others. At my age, the senses are heightened including my desires for sex.  I have been a relatively responsible adult who leaned more towards the practical, laid back existence but all that was changing now. Having retired at a rather young age due to health issues, personal life issues, I felt my responsibility was to take care of my loved ones, friends, strangers, that is what I felt that I knew best how to take care of others… On July 1, 2016, everything changed…first I stopped watching the News, the Media in general.  I often was distracted by the News, Gossip Magazines, Movies, anything that might distract me from living my own life.  Oh, I had my dreams, my desires, my needs but put them on the back burner for decades… I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I always lived a dull life, nothing of the sort. That sounds ungrateful and I am far from being ungrateful, I am a woman who just lost her way. I think we all do possibly during certain spans of our life, and sometimes because of unforeseen circumstances… For instance our relationships or the lack of thereof, our jobs, our family, friends, our health…

Does the term “Go with the Flow” ring a bell?

Well, I’ve decided going with the flow isn’t necessarily the direction I want to be going in any longer. Back to July 1st, 2016, a day that spun my life into an amazing adventure, a new direction, one that was going against the current. FB became a large part of the events that follow, I know you’re probably saying FB.  Well it became a resource, a connection really to reconnecting to my past.  Well, who wants to go back there you might ask, apparently I did, but not to stay in, just to visit it. There I Was Like any other Day On My exercise Bike Pedaling away When My Phone Alerted Me that Some One Was contacting Me on FB.  Well, an old lover just reached me…I stopped pedaling because my heart rate escalated with the mere thought of this man… Before long we were in contact daily via text messages, FB Messenger, phone calls, yes I have swept away.  It almost felt like no time had passed between us when in reality the last time I met up with him & had sex with him was in 2000. Our original meeting was in 1991.  We had an ongoing affair for years until one day we just didn’t.  Well, this encounter leads to weight loss, more energy then I could keep up with.  My mind was racing out of control and to top it off I regained an unbelievable sex drive so much so I consulted with my doctor. The silly woman they said, enjoy because there is nothing physically wrong with you… My desire for sex kept growing every day so I thought if I exercised more that would help remedy my desires..just the opposite occurred, hey I said I was older now not a genius in these matters..giggling I have never experienced so many orgasms in my life, I mean come on I could get off my exercise bike walk across the room and explode in an orgasm..if my pants rode up against my mound tightly, again another orgasm.  Not to mention the sexual correspondence I was having with my past lover.  I would have at least 3 orgasm’s a day with and without my sex toys.  I was going through more vibrator’s, pink ones, purple ones, clitoral ones, internal shaped penis ones…I was getting a workout all right. Then I started being contacted by a few other male classmates that I graduated with, more talk of sex, more desire to know that even at this age we still had the need and desire to be fully satisfied sexually…thus an encounter with a particular man that I went to Jr. High & High school with.  We always had a connection, always smiled in silence and this went on for at least six years.  You know the saying Silence is Golden, well it also was frustrating in some respects…there were a few times we got the nerve up to snicker and say hi. We both had a come hither look but we’re too shy perhaps to pursue any true encounter. He was always surrounded by girls…

but once I managed to rub up against him in the hallway… and the connection was there.

We ever so briefly had eye contact that seemed to penetrate us both and we smiled at each other as we both got it, we both felt that special something.. It never went further than that, a missed opportunity perhaps, a missed relationship, a missed, well you get it, it just wasn’t meant to be, or was it…

Return tomorrow for part 2….

L.A. Black

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