Morning Delight | Part 2

By L.A. Black

It started to rain but we didn’t let it stop our good time.

We turned on some music and started dancing out on the deck, looking out at ocean feeling the damp breeze on our faces and bodies. After some time we decided to go back inside. Still hungry for each other we made way to the bathroom to the magnificent shower that we planned on sharing. He stepped in first to check the water temperature and I followed with body wash and shampoo and enjoyed the hot steamy water cascading over us. I closed my eyes and then I felt his hands on my neck then my head, he spread the shampoo over my long brown hair and massaged into my scalp, rubbing and gently pulling. He leads me right beneath the flow of water to rinse all the suds from my hair. I opened my eyes and I could see the look he was giving me, I took great pleasure in teasing him now. I slid my hands over my stomach and down to my thighs brought them back and used my fingertips to caress my nipples. He gently moaned as he saw my nipples respond to the enticement of my fingertips.

The view only got better as I bent over to retrieve the loofa and body wash. I looked over my shoulder to see the look he had on his handsome face. He reached over to caress my breasts, but I caught his hand and reached over to grasp the loofa and squirted body wash all over it. I started massaging my body, my chest, my stomach, and my thighs with much delight and pleasure as he stood watching with a full hard erection. He was standing under the hot water fully erect and lusting after after me. I started Maneuvering the suds and loofa downwards to my aching mound of wet excitement. His facial expression told me everything I wanted to know, he wanted me now!!

He took the shower wand off the wall and began to rinse off all the soapy suds I had created with such pleasure.

He grabbed me into his arms and I buried my face in his chest.

He teased my nipples with his fingertips and gently pressed me against the shower wall to kiss me firmly but tenderly. His tongue parted my lips and deep into my mouth. His kiss gave me a desire for him, and by my response, he was totally aware…

He said it’s my turn now, so I put the body wash all over his shoulders and chest then I got behind him to wash his back and legs. I lovingly lathered up him but now turned him around to face me and I went down and washed his legs. I was on my knees now scrubbing his thighs when I glanced up at him. He was watching my every move. Well, this area is extra dirty I said with a grin. I was staring straight at his large hard erection and said, I think it could use a little extra attention. I sucked and licked at his shaft and then began to use my hands to jack him off slowly. I ran my tongue along his testicles and then sucked one into my mouth. He moaned loudly and arched his back in pure pleasure but before I could put his erection back in my mouth he pulled me up off my knees and let his hand ventured down to my vagina. He parted my lips in search of that delicate spot. When he found it he lightly began to flick at it and roll it between his fingers. He slipped his middle finger inside of me and began doing the come here motion. He got down on his knees and placed my right foot up on the shower bench so he could suck and tease my clit. I moaned and gasped as he continued to stimulate me and brought on an orgasm that almost brought me to my knees.

We both rinsed off and toweled off and scampered to the warm large king size bed.

To be continued…

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