Morning Delight | Part 1

By L.A. Black

We just arrived at our fancy hotel only a block from the beach,
not even tired after the long 14-hour drive we just made. We reached our room with much relief and excitement and were blown away by the view that greeted us as the early morning sun was shining through the sliding glass door that happened to lead to the balcony overlooking a view of the ocean. We looked at each other, our hands now enfolded inside each other and walked over to the door. He opened the sliding door and the ocean breeze and warm sun took our breath away. We melted into each other, his arm around my waist and my head resting on his broad shoulder. We gazed at what seem like hours at the view, watching the sun rise in the distant sky.

After some time we retreated back inside only to be greeted by the site of a sunken hot tub which was really just off to the side of the sliding glass door.

We never experienced a Hot Tub, especially one right inside the room. We were both a little sore after our long journey and decided this is just what we needed to relax our sore muscles.

I was so anxious and excited, I slid out of my summer dress and as I glanced over at him,

I noticed he was admiring my enthusiasm.

I stood there only long enough to watch his enjoyment start to rise. I stepped into the hot tub and before I could utter a word he slid his shorts off his large build; his extra large build. I enjoy a man with meat on his bones, with some hair on his skin and he enjoyed my full figure as well.

When he reached the edge of the hot tub I kneeled down on the step inside the tub and I cupped his balls in my hand and he gave out a moan. He stood there watching me lick him, lick his balls, his inner thighs; then I couldn’t wait any longer because he stood at full erection now.

I put him in my mouth which caused him to gasp and moan again. I started swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick, moving my lips to the base of his hard penis, licking and flicking my tongue, sucking the shaft of his hard ready cock. His hand reached down on the back of my head pushing his dick deeper into my mouth, touching the back of my throat. I continued sucking then I pulled back, he looked down at me and caught a glimpse of the smirk I had on my face.

To be continued…

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