Locust Cider

In most cases, a locust infestation is the last thing you want when talking about making cider. Oddly enough, however, it works. In fact, Locust Cider is GREAT! Cited by no less than GQ magazine as one of the best, lowest-sugar ciders around, Locust uses hand-picked eating apples from Washington State to make ciders that range from a more traditional original dry and sweet aged to amazingly creative flavors like honey pear, chili pineapple, and Thai ginger.

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As they use “cull” apples that are blemished and so not appropriate for store shelves, they help make use of the millions of apples that otherwise go wasted each year.

As if the great flavor and creative recipes were not enough, proceeds from sales go to help fund research for the potentially fatal brain condition known as Hydrocephalus, which afflicts the founder’s young daughter. So not only does Locust allow people to enjoy delicious hand-crafted ciders that are truly different, they encourage fans to save precious resources and to help others enjoy lie as well!


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