Killing Kittens – The Finale

A Swingers Club Experience with Valerie Baber

Previously on Killing KittensWe left Valerie and Friends at an exclusive, BDSM party in Beverly Hills. Will their expectations meet the excitement…? 

My trio consisted of my new boyfriend Jean-Georges, a European doctor with an Adonis body and platonic friend, Rachel, a woman in tech who looks like she could be my Mexican sister. Neither had ever been to a party like this before but both were very intrigued by my proposal. She had set a no-sex rule for herself. He had set the rule that we wouldn’t do anything separately and my rule was just that we communicate as we go.

That evening’s party was hosted in a personal residence in Beverly Hills. First, we checked in with the doorman, we went up to the stairs into the penthouse with masks on as instructed. Then we first made our way to the bar then to one of two patios which hosted nice views of the city – at least as nice as LA can get from only a handful of stories up. We decided to start there with our complimentary, early bird vodka and juice served to us in red, plastic cups.

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Jean-Georges and Rachel took a couple puffs off her vape and I sipped my vodka. We sat and chatted about nothing in particular, occasionally glancing through the large windows when new people arrived and looking beside us when others joined us on the deck.

Once comfortable enough with our surroundings (and too chilly to stay outside) we went off to explore the interior scene. The two-bedroom condo was decorated with no distinct style and minimal aesthetics. Both of the bedrooms were dressed simple with white-blanketed sheets atop full-sized mattresses. The living area was equally as uninspiring… After an uneventful meander, we ended up perched on the couch where we were almost immediately approached by two outgoing black women in their late 20s or early 30’s.

The smaller one, more outgoing than the other, began to tell us they met in the BDSM community. Enthusiastic about their underground culture, they gave us the 101 on Doms and Subs. I mentioned my interest in the medical fetish and how discomforting urethral sounding was to me.  I also mentioned I had a kitty fantasy and wanted to, one day, be a pet kitty. I’d been collecting an outfit and proper accessories such as a water bowl and a leash. They told me this is not at all uncommon. People love being pets. Our long conversation ended with them telling us they’d be playing in the bathtub, and that we were welcome to join them if we liked. We thanked them and remained on the couch.

A more reserved, 30s something couple of unidentifiable background came for a polite conversation of lesser animation. This was their first party. They both worked in Hollywood, but after the long conversation with the BDSM girls and a second drink, a bit of haze had taken over. The rest of what they said was…foggy. I excused myself to the restroom for a reset.

We pass by the bathroom and I look to my left only to see two naked women bathing each other, on-looker’s gaze in amazement. Intrigued, I stand in line and say hi to a couple in their 40’s. The line was musing, it’s like Disney for adults lol.  After chatting with them briefly about another party they’d been to and my selection of high heels for the evening, the bathroom door opened and out walked a blonde woman followed by a dark-haired man suited in unbuttoned black trousers and a smug smile. He put his pants back together as he confidently walked out past the line. As we wait a single black man with a French accent strode over to shake our hands. He introduced himself briefly only to be summoned to the bedroom again in what appeared to be a call to duty.

Just as things seemed to be taking an interesting turn, we decided it was time for our exit. Although interesting, the magic simply wasn’t there for us. We were expecting to feel more erotic at this erotic party, but the feeling hadn’t been unlocked for us. As curious but tame attendees, we opted for a departure. Down the hallway, the woman from the lesser animated couple was now wearing a corset. We nodded goodbye and left in an Uber.

We discussed how we would throw a party if the party was our own. We all agree there’s a need for occasions like these, and how “normal” this all seemed. More importantly, we’d all try it again soon.

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