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Chances are, you’ll probably disagree with me, but let’s not let that get in the way of having fun!

We met up with Tim Stabers in an undisclosed location in Delaware, this is what he had to say. 


Dream of Me: A No-Budget, Science Fiction Short Film Made By One Dude was originally intended to be a swan song to my pursuit of a career in film making. However, by the time I’d finished the film, my love of the craft was stronger than it had ever been before, and that’s when I knew that I’d be making movies for the rest of my life (regardless of commercial recognition or success).

Dream of Me: A No-Budget, Science Fiction Short Film Made By One Dude is about making the best of what you have and staying positive in the face of overwhelming obstacles. The film grew out of a personal desire to test the much debated “auteur theory,” create a protagonist with pop-art appeal and most of all, to show any aspiring filmmakers that there’s nothing standing between them and making something that can truly thrill or move an audience.

For me, the most effective films are those that can be told with as few words as possible. That’s when you’ve made something that transcends the barriers of culture and language and have created something that reaches audiences on an emotionally instinctual or “human” level.

I’ve said many times that if Dream of Me: A No-Budget, Science Fiction Short Film Made By One Dude is my only contribution to cinema, I’d be fine with that. Not because I’m satisfied with this single accomplishment, but because the experience of completing such a demanding and daunting task was more rewarding than I can put into words, and I want to feel that feeling again and again. Jean-Luc Godard once said, “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.” Looks like he may have been right (as long as audiences find the NERF gun I got for Christmas acceptable). If you’re an aspiring filmmaker and thought you couldn’t make a film because you lacked the resources, I hope when Dream of Me: A No-Budget, Science Fiction Short Film Made By One Dude is over, you get out there and prove yourself wrong. – Tim Stabers.


Dream of Me is the story of one talented filmmaker, Tim Stabers, and an indie producer, John Strawn, who have combined their creative talent and passion for narrative story-telling with the sole purpose of making their mark on the film industry.

Dream of Me portrays the journey of Albus Corona, a new age soldier with an old world sensibility, as he makes his best effort to survive what is left of the world he once new. Together with his audible interface guidance system, DOT, we are taken to a post world war galaxy far away from what we know. More importantly this story will take the audience to a place that has been lost in American cinema in recent years, a place to dream, a time to lose yourself in your own imagination and DREAM of what awaits the world we live in.

Second Floor Pictures and Common Era Films are proud to present the Star Wars of the 22nd century, not in similar story line but in originality and talented film-making.

Welcome to DREAM OF ME – A No Budget Science Fiction Film Made by One Dude.

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