Hot Logic Mini – The Gift that Keeps Giving Year Round

With all the restaurants I visit (on behalf of our listeners of course), I end up with a lot of amazing leftovers. As I am not one to waste food (realizing how fortunate I am to be able to visit these great eateries and then talk about them with you and our listeners), I am glad to have discovered the HotLogic personal portable oven

It looks like a lunch box, but inside is an electric heating Smart Shelf that can cook food from scratch in a few hours or even reheat foods, keeping either warm until you are ready to enjoy! Unlike a microwave, it can heat plastic, glass, cardboard, and even metal containers. Also unlike a microwave, it cooks evenly with no hot or cold spots. It even comes in a variety of sizes (including an office-friendly industrial size) so I can enjoy a table for one or bring enough for the entire crew!

It’s the hot and logical choice for saving serving and enjoying food.

It’s hot-logic!

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