Emmy Defines what it means to be Organic

Seems like nearly everyone is doing all they can to get organic certified these days. But like the days when “fat free” was the cause celebre, not all of them do it with the same aplomb.

One who has clearly got organic going on is Emmy’s Organics coconut-based snacks.

Like so many great inventions, Emmy’s were born from a necessity- namely, a co-founder’s dietary issues. In an effort to avoid gluten, dairy, and other digestive irritants while preserving and promoting taste, the team behind Emmy’s took the idea from their mother’s kitchen to a full earth- and community-friendly B-corp certification.

While the basic ingredient is healthy coconut, the flavors range from vanilla bean and cacao to raspberry, lemon ginger, peanut butter, and others. Each bite-sized snack is indulgent and satisfying, despite all of the things it does not have. They are available at CVS, Starbucks, and lots of other places, they are easy to access whenever you want a great snack that gives you all you want and nothing you don’t.



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