This One’s For The Users

Darren Columbus, better known as “Tekforce”, is no stranger to nostalgic tracks that hit the emotional elements of a super Nintendo 64. That’s because he is one of the few hip hop artists that stand in a league of his own. NERDCORE is an unique genre of hip hop where rhymes and beat patterns bring elements of The legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter into the mix panel. The origins of Nerdcore began in the Early 2000’s with rappers like Mega Ran and MC Frontalot, however early Nerdcore artists faced much critism as their skill and stage presence lacked the bandwidth to be taken seriously by major labels. That stigma was erased the moment TEKFORCE took the mic.

His latest single “This One’s For The User’s”, featuring ARAMIS is a tribute song for the Anniversary of TRON. All hip hop lovers who want to send a virus to your outdated collection of normal music need to upgrade your hardware to Tekforce. “USERS” is available for a limited time exclusively on BANDCAMP. Make sure and pick up a copy before it’s gone forever.

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