Cocomel’s – Something to LIVE for

Coconut has become one of the hottest foods on the planet. From oils to butters to milks, it is replacing many of our once-favorite foods AND showing that some fats can be GOOD for us!

So how great is it to find coconut milk being used in award-winning organic, vegan, sustainably-sourced, non-GMO, dairy-free, kosher caramel treats that are delicious to boot?!

Cocomel’s come from the Wonka-esque organization known as JJ’s Sweets in Colorado but are quickly making their way east. They come in such delectable flavors as espresso, sea salt and vanilla, or just the tried and true caramel, and either as chocolate-covered cubes, tootsie-sized rolls, or bite-sized balls of joy.

Organic, healthy, AND delicious? I say wrap ‘em up!

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