Café Landwer lands in U.S.

Everyone has a favorite coffee place and a favorite place for brunch, lunch, and dinner. How great it is to have a new place that can truly be everything to everyone!

Though it has been famous in the UK and Israel for a century, Café Landwer did not have roots in the US until it recently opened in Boston, which only goes to prove why Beantown is the Hub of the Universe!

In addition the titular coffees that easily outshine any coffee shops from the West Coast (or pretty much anywhere else), including exclusive espressos made on a machine that was designed by Lamborghini, Landwer offers everything from a sensational signature shakshouka with imported Italian tomatoes to a bountiful box of breakfast or brunch that includes eggs, salad, homemade guacamole, comb honey, Greek yogurt and more! The international menu also includes themed hummus bowls, fresh-made pastas and pizzas, and Landwer’s famous schnitzel. In addition to their acclaimed coffee, Landwer offers singular tea ceremonies, fresh-squeezed juices or custom smoothies, and an amazing Nutella milkshake which is well worth the trip on its own. And with a second location coming to Cleveland Circle soon, they got the area and all of its many tastes covered.


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