Bully Boy Distillery Tasting Room

Though they are Boston’s oldest microdistillery, Bully Boy continues to innovate with new flavors and, now, a new tasting room on Cedric Street in the historic Newmarket district.

Located across the street from their original distillery (which will now serve as a gin-novation workshop), the new tasting room offers an innovative cocktail list highlighting the latest flavors of Bully Boy’s popular potions. When not admiring the 750-gallon copper pot still from Germany, guests can also look into the new lab where new flavors and favorites are always under development and even book time with Head Distiller Dave Willis in the barrel room.

So the next time you want to find a new favorite drink, don’t just close your eyes and pick. Open your eyes to the newest phase of Boston’s oldest microdistillery as it becomes a little less micro but remains 100% Boston.


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