Bean Crisps for the WIN!

Chef Chat - Bean Crisps with Matt Robinson

Enlightened Bean Crisps

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When I can’t get home to enjoy Enlightened’s healthy ice cream, I am loving their latest creation- a series of broad beans (a.k.a. fava beans) that not only go well with a nice Chianti but also on their own. Like the yummy chickpeas from Biena Foods, Enlightened’s beans come in a wide variety of flavors that range from spicy Sriracha and eye-watering Wasabi to sweet cinnamon and cocoa dusted beans, making them great to toss on salads, in soups, or even on Enlightened ice cream!

And they have more protein and fiber and fewer calories that garbonzos, too (and FAR less fat than chips and other snacks), so they make for a great between-meal snack and fit well into hiking packs, briefcases, and kid’s lunchboxes as well.

Oh, and did I mention that Enlightened also makes high-protein marshmallow treat bars? I think this could be my new favorite food producer- and perhaps other peoples’ too!

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