Australian Prod. Sam Stosuur Brings Rhyming Back to Hip Hop

“America” is the latest track by Brisbane, Aulstralia based Producer/DJ Sam Stosuur, and easily his best song to date. Self described as a producer and musician who enjoys challenging creative norms, Stosuur has dialed back some of the experimentalism and returned to more time-honored sound in this latest track.

His cadence matches Kendricks perfectly, and occasionally his flow is almost that low-key casually lyrical style that KYLE is so known for, but a little ramped up in Tre38cho’s case.

Featuring rapper Tr38cho on the verse and last verse, and Roman MC on the second verse, the song is lyricism and rhyming at it’s absolute finest. This speaks volumes for the esteem of both artists, and for Sam Stosuur himself for getting the two perfectly harmonious MCs together on one track, and for producing a song which manages to balance many competing elements in way that is perfectly listenable and in which each added instrumental detail work in perfect concert, despite the many flourishes layered within this composition.

Sam Stosuur has created a lo-fi vibe with this beat, set to a more uptempo drum backing. With the sounds of sampled drum kicks sitting well in the mix, heavy tape saturation giving a warm fuzzy sound and feeling, and a cacophonous mix of added detail in the high range, this production should be overkill in about ten different ways, but somehow it all balances out nicely and still leaves room for the MC’s to have audible detail in their vocals. Tr38cho takes the first and last verse, and as an MC, I’m amazed he’s still flying under the radar. He sounds so identical to Kendrick Lamar at times, it’s almost uncanny. His cadence matches Kendricks perfectly, and occasionally his flow is almost that low-key casually lyrical style that KYLE is so known for, but a little ramped up in Tre38cho’s case. It’s like Kendrick on any day, or KYLE on an amphetamine binge.



C.D.J. is a rapper in his artistic infancy, only having started rapping six months ago. In that short amount of time, he’s already made some considerable moves, and is planning to release a full length EP this summer. The 22 year out of Lake Orion, Michigan, is off to good start, dropping a freestyle at the end of last year that has done pretty decently on Soundcloud, and releasing two songs since then as well. His latest song, which dropped only a week ago (May 21st, 2019) has already been met with the same positive reception, showing that right off the bat this artist has a compelling ability to attract an audience. C.D.J. sounds very much like Big Sean, especially in his early days. Considering both artists are from Michigan, this is hardly surprising. There’s an element of hesitancy in C.D.J’s voice, which is often the case with artists new to the whole process of recording. Big Sean also had an issue, early on, with seeming too timid, or too self conscious — like he could hear himself too much —



“My Earth” is a mood-infused, deeply nostalgic track, infusing the classic sounds of hip hop’s golden years with the lo-fi, emotional chords common to Neo-Soul and down-tempo confessionals. This song is a collaborative effort by 410 Tazz and SKILLZMEGA (aka: DSkillzHarris), both out of Baltimore, Maryland. This MC duo appear together on most of their projects, with SKILLZ handling the production and engineering, and both he and Tazz generally taking a verse. When and MC/Producer comes onto the scene, there’s an immediate respect for the double threat skill set that title implies. When two MC’s work together and collaborate harmoniously, this can create an unstoppable creative force. With these two both being accomplished MC’s, and SKILLZ being a capable, meticulous producer with a defined, well-honed style of his own, this pair clearly has an edge on the come up game in Hip Hop’s underground. Both artists sound a little like J-Dilla in terms of their flow and vocal quality. There’s something old and inviting about their rhymes, a return to lyrical complexity is desperately needed in hip hop’s main stream. SKILLZMEGA takes the first verse of this track, and immediately the Neo-Soul influence is felt, with a vocal infusion of somewhat more modern artists also coming to the forefront of his tone and vocal stylings. Sounding a little bit like Boogie in tonality, with warm vocal fry in his intonations and a satisfying dose of emotional reserve in his vocal strain, SKILLZ immediately creates a mood, bringing you back to the old days of hip hop, with the slow roll of long verse and repeating cadence.


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