An Afternoon in the City | Part DEUX

By L.A. Black

Here we are, morning, and the birds are singing their praises. Now, my mind was saying get up let’s get this day started, after all, you’ve made it through the night. But I was lying on the bed in my purple lace lingerie with my legs parted slightly. I know longer heard the sounds of the birds, only my desire for him to return to me. I wanted to surprise him, get him aroused so I took my hand and rubbed down my stomach to my already damp pussy. I was rubbing my clit, and put my finger inside myself just waiting for his entrance. I heard his footsteps but I keep massaging myself. He entered the room and saw me, saw what I was doing and we made eye contact, and this is where I knew it would get good. He slid his pants off, his chest already bare. What a handsome hairy chest it was. I was still rubbing my ever so wet pussy, and then I tilted my pelvis upward to greet his eager tongue…

He entered the room and saw me, saw what I was doing

Then I took my fingers out, he put them in his mouth sucking and licking as I moan so loudly…pure delight.
He used his tongue vigorously from side to side and up and down over and over until the inevitable, I was having an orgasm and he was still teasing my over stimulated clit…I came again multiple times. I was screaming by the final orgasm…

Now he said it’s my turn….

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