Abbott’s Custard Keeps You Cool During the Summer…and Winter

While the weather lately may not have had people thinking about ice cream, for the past decade, it seems it has always been a good time for Abbott’s custard in Needham and Brighton.

Even if there were other cool dessert places in the area, Abbot’s would surely stand apart with their creamy custard and creative serving styles (which include a chocolate-dipped, Spanish peanut-rolled pop and amazing custom cakes, like we had for my daughters own birthday). But as both Lizzie’s and Orange Leaf are both sweet memories, it is all the more important and wonderful to have Abbott’s around. It is so good, in fact, that I often meet people who came from much further afield to enjoy the rich flavors again and again.

Happy birthday, Abbott’s! Enjoy the custard cake. I know that I do!

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