88 Acres spreads their seeds – Dorchester, MA

By Matthew Robinson

While I am still a huge fan of local food startup 88Acres’ snack foods, sometimes I want more than just a delicious, satisfying, nutritious bar or bowl of their signature “seednola” made from the most sustainable local produce around.

Fortunately, our friends at 88 have expanded their offerings with a new set of roasted seed butters that are totally sandwich-worthy and also great on their own. Instead of just plain sunflower butter (which is already popular in part due to the spread of peanut allergies), 88 has taken their seed butter flavors urther by adding real maple syrup or cocoa to the mix and the results are amazing!

For those who love their bars, 88 has also come out with double chocolate mocha and oats & cinnamon, both of which are made with fresh, natural ingredients that taste as good as they are for you. In fact, in addition to being high in protein, the cinnamon bar has very low sugar and the mocha is decaf!

So the next time you want a snack that you won’t regret and that can come in as many forms and flavors as you have cravings, try 88 Acres.



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