4 Years of Orgasms…

By L.A. Black

Her candle burns at both ends, but the flame has become a part of her now.

She had begun to get bored with this preoccupation of sex…No not sex just the talk of it! So, she met a man and made a commitment of sorts to enter into monogamy…

One day after years, she had a Temper Tantrum when her lover was too tired to have sex, too tired to bring her to a climax! She needed her climax after all. He provided her with one for four years straight, every single day. Incredible she was thinking, but they fact is she was satisfied sexually every single day.

It was going to be unfamiliar for a while not having him in bed, on the kitchen island, on the couch, against the wall, in the shower or car, in the boat, in the woods on the ground with the first snow falling on their naked bodies, in the bathroom plane…mile high club anyone? Yes, this was going to take some real dedication to come down from this Oxycontin high, the multiple orgasms, the constant feeling of euphoria…He was ten years younger than her and they were both eager to please and be pleased.

His body was average but his dick and tongue were not. He was Scandinavian, blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5’10. She was 40 and her hormones were raging out of control, so once they got the pleasantries out of the way and right into fucking she was hooked!

She felt possessed, felt elated, felt freaking magnificent. Nothing else seemed to matter. All

She knew he was a Brilliant Lover

She remembered them coming back from Chicago together on the train late at night and giving him a blowjob under the blanket. She lay her head on his lap the blanket covering her and it was outrageous and exciting because the chances of being caught drove them to escalated enlightenment…Fuck they both had orgasms as he also used his fingers to get her off. Do you know how much restraint that took on her part to be quiet? That made it wilder & crazy fantastic!!!

They had sex in a motor boat out on the Lake for all to see. He stood majestically, but sort of whimsical as the boat was tilting back and forth and there she was with her mouth wrapped around his cock.

After he exploded all over her face and mouth, it was Her turn.

Well, this might seem difficult to some considering her height, but actually, She sat on the wooden seat tilted back with the aid of several life preservers and he pulled Her bathing suit bottoms off and chowed down.
But this time she could not hold back the pleasure I was receiving so she let out several screams of pleasure. She looks back now and thinks that they probably entertained many other’s out there in nature on that lake. Giggling

He lifted her dress, pulled her pink panties off…

The most memorable escapade happened not long after they met and he put her on top of the kitchen island. He lifted her dress, pulled her pink panties off and gave her what she still believe to be one of the most intense orgasms ever. He made a meal out of her that fine afternoon.

This was all based on sex, no intellectual connection no emotional connection, it was coming to an end, it’s over so she bid him farewell, bid four years of sex, crazy wild exciting sex and for what? New adventures, new beginnings, new sex partners perhaps. Time will tell, so, for now, she decides to relish in today, tomorrow will take care of itself, the past offered many lessons, yes, many lessons.

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